Why SMBs Need Video Content Marketing

Online video isn’t exactly new, but creating, posting and sharing videos over the Internet has become so easy that practically everyone is doing it. YouTube receives over a billion unique visitors every month, and the average Facebook feed contains just as many short videos as new photos and status updates. By 2017, it is predicted that online videos will account for 69 percent of consumer Internet traffic. V6

For many businesses, posting short and engaging videos is the key to reaching millions of potential customers. Videos that are a minute long or shorter are easy to digest, they communicate the purpose of a business within seconds and they can be shared across multiple channels. If a video is engaging and popular enough, it could even be shared by enough people to go viral. This can be achieved even by a small business, putting them on an even playing field with large Fortune 500 companies.

Creating Short Videos for Your Business

In the future, an online video will be a must for practically any business with an online presence. Our company can help you get ahead of the competition now with a short but engaging video to advertise your products and services. For more information on how our videos can help your business thrive, contact us today.

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