Why Do Solopreneurs Need Video Content Marketing

At a glance, it would seem like social networks like Facebook and Twitter are goldmines to content marketers. You can reach hundreds, thousands or perhaps even millions of people with a simple tweet, so it makes sense that marketers everywhere have been stressing the importance of social media for the last several years. And yet, simply posting on social media is almost never enough for a small business owner. Everyone posts on Facebook and Twitter, and it’s hard for even the most compelling tweet to stand out from the crowd. Instead of simply posting photographs and status updates on your social media accounts, consider posting short videos instead.

One Minute Video from Kimberly Wiefling
One Minute Video from Kimberly Wiefling







The Benefits of Video Content Marketing

Online videos – preferably short videos that last for less than a minute – are great at grabbing people’s attention online. It may sound like a cliche to say that people these days have short attention spans, but it’s true. Most people spend only a few seconds on a web page before moving on to something else, and if you want your business to be noticed on social media, you need something that will grab their attention. A short video can be great for that. Videos are easy for the average user to digest; they only demand a few seconds of their time, yet they can convey a surprising amount of information. They can also be shared across social networks and be seen by millions of people. That’s the kind of advertising opportunity that most businesses can only dream of.

Creating Short Videos for Your Business

Making an effective marketing video – even one that only lasts for a matter of seconds – is hard work. Fortunately, we can help you with that. Our company specializes in making short yet engaging videos for businesses of all kinds, and they could be just what you need to give your business some much-needed exposure. For more information about our video production services, contact us today.

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