What to Put in Landing Pages for Videos to Optimize Conversions

Keep Your Landing Page and Video Uncomplicated

When you create a landing page for your video, be sure to keep it clean and without too much information. Use bullet points so that visitors can skim and scan your information; remember internet viewers usually skim read online content.

Use super clean designs and keep your prospect’s focus on your product and the call to action. Try using images to help your customer decide to convert. Complementary and contrasting colors also help to make the page more appealing.

Get Your Viewer’s Attention At the Start

You’ve got about 5 seconds to draw in and appeal to your viewer. You must attract immediately or otherwise your prospect will leave. You need to get your interested visitor to convert with effective marketing when they land on your page. You can use CTA with contrasting colors. Make an appealing offer they can’t refuse. Try showing how you’re better than the competition. Use a unique company tagline or a motto for your campaign.

Make Your Business Accessible

Be sure to create a sense of urgency of limited supply or limited time for your offer. But also include a solution or answer to the customer’s problems with a list of benefits you can provide that will solve or fill their needs. Show your contact information with phone numbers, social network links, and address/map of your location. By being accessible, you are more friendly and appealing to the prospect. Create an open quality about yourself and your company and you will come across as more trustworthy and worth investing.Download Gloopt here!

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