Video Marketing Through Social Media

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are great for advertising your small business, but people rarely use them to their full advantage. It used to be that businesses would post status updates and tweets about what they had to offer, but now that online video is taking over social media there is so much more they can do.

According to one study, online video will account for 69 percent of Internet traffic by 2017, and YouTube already gets over a billion unique visitors every month. Even scrolling through a Facebook or Twitter feed reveals countless Vines and short videos, so the trend is already in full swing. V2

Why You Should Post Videos Through Social Media

Everyone knows that videos can go viral practically overnight and be seen by millions of people. Most of the time, that happens because of social media. Someone finds a video funny, amazing or otherwise compelling, and they want to share it with their friends. Their friends feel the same way, and soon millions of people have seen a funny video about a cute cat on their Facebook walls.

Naturally, the same thing can be done with a marketing video released by a small business. You can’t actively will a video to go viral, but posting an engaging one-minute video on your business’s Facebook wall can still be seen by countless people and turn into a great advertising opportunity.

Hiring the Experts

Of course, you will still need to produce your potential viral videos, and that’s where we come in. Our company specializes in creating high-quality videos for businesses of all kinds. These videos could be just what your business needs to gain visibility in the digital age. For more information about how our services can help your business grow, contact us today.

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