Tips on Creating One Minute Engaging Videos That Go Viral

They say online videos go viral all the time, but few people can figure out how that happens. It’s tough to determine what makes a video popular enough to be seen by millions of people all over the world. Sometimes it’s a video about a cute cat, or sometimes it’s someone doing something embarrassing while a camera is rolling. A viral video could be about anything, but that hasn’t stopped content marketers from trying to find the formula that makes a video “accidentally” become popular.

Making a video that goes viral is tough, and some would say that it’s impossible, but you can still find ways to ensure that your marketing video will be seen by enough people to make your effort worthwhile. Here are some tips that will help.

Keep It Short

Videos that are shared online and seen by millions of people are very short, with many being less than a minute long. People have short attention spans when they’re online; they spend a few seconds scrolling through a website before moving on to something else. They won’t want to sit through a five minute commercial, but they will be more likely to spend 30 seconds on something fun and entertaining.

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Download Gloopt here!

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