Short Videos – Future of Content Marketing

If recent statistics are to be believed, online videos are the future of content marketing. A recent Cisco study states that videos will account for approximately 69 percent of Internet traffic by 2017. YouTube receives over a billion unique visitors every day, and young people across the country are more likely to be found in front of their computers instead of their televisions. Even a quick scroll down your average Facebook wall reveals just as many videos as photos and status updates. Video Marketing Trends for Solopreneurs

Online video is indeed here to stay, and it has impacted content marketing in a big way. Short videos in particular are great for businesses who want to grab people’s attention. Users stay on web pages for an average of 10 to 20 seconds, so any information they get has to be provided in bite-sized chunks.

Just as blog posts and text ads need to be scanned easily, a good marketing video should be short and to the point to really grab a viewer’s attention. A minute-long video is easily digestible by anybody, and if it is produced well enough it can deliver a wealth of information about what your business has to offer.

Short Videos for Your Business

With the growth of online video marketing, now is the perfect time to post a short yet engaging video for your business’s website. Contact us today to find out how our video production company can help get more page views and advertise your services.

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