Power of Short Videos for Driving User Engagement

When YouTube was launched in 2005, it seemed like such an innovative concept. Here was a place where people could post, view and share videos about anything practically with the click of a mouse. Online video suddenly became a useful tool for sharing ideas and interacting with others.

YouTube is still going strong today, but online video seems to have moved beyond it and permeated every corner of the Internet. A quick scroll down the average Facebook wall reveals just as many short videos as status updates and photos, and even Twitter sometimes consists of more Vines than 140-character tweets.

Short Videos and User Engagement V7

There is a good reason why online video has become so prevalent in recent years. While blogging and text ads will probably never go away, a short video can sometimes say so much more. Not only can an engaging video grab a user’s attention in seconds, but they can be used to demonstrate a product or just entertain a potential consumer long enough for them to remember a certain company.

Many of these videos run for less than a minute, with some lasting less than 20 seconds. That doesn’t make for much of a commitment for a user; someone who doesn’t want to spend several minutes reading a blog post or watching a long video can still take a few seconds out of their day to be informed or entertained by a short video.

Making Short Videos for Your Business

Our company specializes in producing short videos for small businesses. These videos can be easily shared on social media, and they are engaging enough to grab just about anybody’s attention. For more information on how our videos can increase your business’s visibility, contact us today.

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