How to Use Video to Optimize Visitor Traffic to Your Site

Videos on Landing Pages

You should use videos on your landing pages whenever possible. It is a way of engagement for visitors to experience your message without much effort on their part. Videos on landing pages provide an immediate offering, easy access, and quick viewing. Always remember visitors are looking for easy and quick information.

Videos on landing pages can increase conversion substantially. Due to the impact of videos and its similarities to TV, the way content is consumed has changed dramatically. Increasingly, content is viewed and not read.

Video content now placed strategically on landing pages can steer your viewers to becoming prospects. Here are some reasons how video can increase your landing page conversion rates:

  1. Videos increase the amount of time people stay on your page. This allows your brand message to have greater impact and a longer amount of time to sink in and get the message across to your viewer. Slogans, mottos, pitches, logos now have stronger impact as viewership increases on your landing page when the audience watches a video while on the page.
  2. Just by videotaping yourself on the video, you raise the trust factor significantly. Matching a face to the company, a voice to the words or slogans and mottos, or pitch, provides a basis for the viewer to see where the message is coming from.
  3. Remember, it is always easier to watch a video vs. reading an article. People are lazier rather than more active. The passive way of absorbing content is preferable rather than the active way. There is less effort involved.Download Gloopt here!

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