5 Things to Do for Your Video to Generate Leads and Sales

  1. Include contact number, be sure to provide contact information in your landing page. Your landing page is the first impression and should have some basic information upfront. The presence of a number provides comfort and creates trust.
  2. Add testimonials for greater credibility. Tell the prospect what other customers are saying about you. You can quote your loyal customers and show the viewers how they can benefit also. Testimonials are powerful especially in video-form due to the rich media.
  3. When presenting yourself, you should speak as if you’re in front of the viewer. Remember online videos greatly increase conversion rates especially for e-commerce websites. There is a huge difference between speaking to the user versus talking at them. Try to note the difference and bring engagement through a conversational addressing the viewer with your talk.
  4. Use power words and descriptive language that define your offer with appeal and impact. Be sure to power verbs that help to engage your viewer into getting a feel for what your offer or product is about. Descriptive words and action-oriented language helps place the customer in a pivotal role as receiving benefits.
  5. Consider the End-Goals First. Keep in mind the end-goals as you develop your strategy for lead generation. What are you trying to achieve with your video? This will help determine what you need to put in the video and what content best suits your efforts to achieve your goals.Download Gloopt here!

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