The Advantage of Videos is They Can Be Shared across Multiple Channels

YouTube is certainly not the only video channel on the internet. The many channels include:

  • Facebook Profiles, Events, Groups & Pages
  • LinkedIn Profiles, Pages & Groups
  • Google+ Pages (currently not personal profiles)
  • Foursquare
  • Myspace
  • Mixi (Japanese Social Network)
  • Vimeo,, reddit, StumbleUpon, Instagram, edocr, tumblr, evernote, flickr, get Satisfaction, mailchimp, slideshare, storify (via 3rd party apps)

These are just some of the channels out there. The advantage of video is that it can be shared across multiple channels in one form or another.

Video is the New Marketing

The latest form of communication in the social arena is through sharing video clips of social events. Even if the video can’t be directly sent to the viewer and receiver, there are other methods of transferring the video file. Dropbox is one way of importing and exporting video files.

With so many ways of sharing videos, the multiple channels become a great advantage to get the message across. They allow for a broader audience, convenience of access to your video, allowing the capability for popular viewing, and effective and powerful marketing strategy.

Give Your Video More Exposure

A short, one-minute video that can be on multiple channels has great potential to kick start a marketing campaign. It may even result in a viral success which would be the ultimate dream of every company. This would promote your product and lead to great success and may bring your company to the forefront of marketing and business strategy.

Promoting through multiple channels with a short video may be the most effective and powerful marketing strategy available today.

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