How to Use Focused Videos to Drive Conversion and Get Prospects to Follow Your Call To Action

Your focused video should be strategic and purposeful. These qualities can guide your prospects through the sales funnel and encourage conversion. The main requirements for a great video are: do they evoke emotions? Does the video appeal to the target buyers’ personalities? Do they influence viewers to take actions based on the video’s content?

Your Call To Action

Build specific calls to action. These CTAs should have annotations pointing to different resources, a short link to another landing page, and a direct prompt from the video’s speaker.

Give Your Viewers An Easy Way to Contact You or Sign Up

Be sure to create a lead-capture technique: email gate and lead-capture form. Embed an email gate so that interested prospects and leads will be able to inquire further or give your information or seek further questions.

Key Tag Words Help Viewers Find You

Your SEO function (tag words) should include key information. This means using both tag words and vocabulary words throughout your video that are meaningful and accurately describe your product offering or business. Try thinking of buzzwords that fill the minds of prospects and leads who may be searching for the right product or service. What words would they use to find your video in a search? Make sure your keywords and descriptions are optimal. Try multi-platform searches for the same topic and tweak your titles just a bit to avoid redundancy.

Analytics for Your Site

Finally, look at the analytics to access detailed data which will help interpret your prospects digital behavior and what they are up to. How log do they stay on your site? Which pages keep viewers on the longest? Which videos are watched the most? Figuring out viewership will help you determine your current performance. You will be able to plan future video content and how to influence your prospects into actions.Download Gloopt here!

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