How Do Shorter, One Minute Videos Grab More Attention than Longer Videos?

In the modern world today where everything comes and goes very fast, people are busier than ever. They want to be up to date on everything, quickly and efficiently. These are the reasons video is effective. It is a very popular marketing tactic. Short videos are better than longer to capture the ever decreasing attention span of viewers and the public.

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Short videos are also more memorable due to less content. If the video has highly effective and powerful message in one minute or less, the viewer is likely to remember the video and the message. This type of remembrance is important since it affects the way the viewer and consumer will perceive your business and product even after they have finished viewing your video.

A Call to Action for Busy Viewers

If the video is short, the “call to action” is delivered with high impact, to the point and clinching. The hook of the introduction may also be more powerful due to its brevity.

Sometimes less is more, especially with a video that is one minute or less. When attention span is less and people are increasingly busier, they don’t have time to view a five minute video. A shorter video that delivers the message quickly and directly can be more persuasive and demonstrate superior marketing strategies and selling tactics.

Short videos also have less risk of boring the viewer with longer presentations or wordy dialogue and talk. Rather, short videos present immediate gratification. They present instant information and knowledge to the viewer. Thus, they are given a quick, brief, and on-the-go message that appeals many viewers with busy schedules.

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