5 Steps on Your Video’s Focused Purpose – Your Branding and Channel Funnel

To create branding, you need to initially identify and target the right audiences. The video’s purpose is to message the audience with relevant campaigns and drive conversions.

Identify and segment your audience

Knowing your current customers will help you understand your future prospects. Also know who actually visits your online channels will help you further. Take advantage of analytics-based tools to identify your current audience and target audiences and determine certain demographics.

Touch up and refine on re-branding to appeal to the prospects

Campaigns are to build awareness among prospects. Shaping image, perception, brand of your company, and product offering to get the end goal of funneling prospects through the right channels. Do this by building the right and relevant messaging and content on your video.

Your video should engage and educate with relevant messaging

Your video should focus on building familiarity and trust in your brand. When the target audience understands and knows who you are and “how” you differentiate better than others, you stand out among your competitors.

Redesign to increase conversions

Be sure to display videos that re-target your prospective audiences. Create customized videos to focus on specific audience segments. Remember to target audiences that are defined by their interests and demographics as prospects.

Use and apply proper metrics to measure a channel’s impact

Track and define your marketing campaigns’ metrics to determine how your videos’ focus have influenced conversions. You should be asking about the numbers of conversions based on your prospect’s viewing of your videos.Download Gloopt here!

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