Content Marketing with Short Videos

So you have been asked to present a presentation to the C-level in your company. They love your idea, but its time to present it to your bosses. Its not only going to be important for the company but might be your chance to shine in from of the C-level – the next step in your career.

So how can you make a presentation that is crisp and to-the-point and yet effectively conveys all your thoughts and ideas clearly.

In less that one minute, learn something from this marketing expert about creating interesting power-point presentations.

In this short one minute video, Guy Kawasaki, an author, publisher and entrepreneur, hands out valuable hints and tips on creating powerful presentations that not only get the ideas across but are crisp and concise at the same time.

Create and discover the power of condensed, actionable insights in a captivating way via Gloopt’s – one minute videos

Just like this video. This valuable information was delivered in just one minute.

You can do the same with your area of expertise.

Answer your customers queries, FAQs and hand out information about your business, products and services with short videos.

Building a library of these kinds of short videos is a great way to distribute relevant information to your customers while also engaging them efficiently and long enough to turn them into potential leads that convert to sales.

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