Communicating Effectively in a One Minute Video

Effective communication is key when delivering a message, particularly when you only have one minute to do so.

Many talk about the 4Cs of effective communication, which can be used to make an emotional connection with consumers. These 4Cs include:


The easiest way to lose your audience is to confuse them. So keep your message simple and clear.

Some may ask: at which point of the message should I communicate my main idea?
The answer: at every point during your message.

Tell your audience what you are going to tell them, tell them, and remind them of what you told them.


Ensure your message is memorable by connecting it to something your audience can relate to. How will you evoke an emotion from your viewer?

Creating a connection from your message to a viewer’s personal life will make sure it resonates.


Are you going to believe a car salesperson who is trying to diagnose you with the flu? No, most of us want the professional opinion of a doctor.

The audience is going to believe who is delivering the message.

Even if you get a viewer to understand your message and make a connection to a problem in their own life, this is no good if you don’t have the credibility to back it up.


For a message to be contagious, it has to be memorable. Your message has to be new, exciting, and evoke an emotional response.

Use the 4Cs and see your effective communication put into action.

Download Gloopt here!
Download Gloopt here!

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