How Twitter Can Boost Your Video Marketing Strategies!

When it comes to video marketing, the first place most businesses think for promoting it is YouTube, followed by Facebook, Google+, Vimeo etc.

Twitter Can Boost Your Video Marketing Strategies!
Twitter Can Boost Your Video Marketing Strategies!

However, Twitter can be as effective as any other social media channel for promoting your video marketing campaigns.

With twitter, if you already have an engaged audience hanging on to your words, promoting videos wouldn’t be difficult either.

Twitter, with its limit of 140 characters is ideal for smart phones. Since the popularity of smart phones is on the rise, you need to consider smaller screen space as well for your content marketing strategies and create content that can be easily viewed via mobile phones.

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The key to a successful video marketing campaign via Twitter is to follow the important hash tags and include them in your video tweets.

Following industry leaders and tweeting to the though leaders, influencers in your industry will also help you boost your video marketing efforts. They already have a huge fan following for themselves and if they like your video and share it with their network, it will help you reach an even wider audience. Also, since they belong to the same industry, their followers would present you a more focused audience.

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