How Do I Use SEO to Promote My Videos On Search Engines? – Video Marketing FAQs

Making your videos search friendly and user friendly is the key to a successful video marketing strategy.

Since search engines are preferring and including videos in the search results, it has become important for businesses and marketers to make their videos search friendly and user friendly. After all, if the search engines cannot find your videos and your users cannot search for your videos online, what is the use of delivering premium content through videos?

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Here are a few tips that you can use to optimize your videos for search engines. V15

1. Find out the relevant keywords for your videos. The keywords should not only be able to clearly define the content of your videos but they should also be relevant to the search queries your users are using to find information on internet.

2. Use search query suggestions from Google and YouTube to find out what your target audience is searching for. It would also be prudent to find out the keywords that your competition is targeting. Also, you can look towards the comments on those videos to find out additional topics that your customers want information on.

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