How Do I Use SEO to Promote My Videos On Search Engines? (Part 2)- Video Marketing FAQs

In my previous post I explained a few SEO tips that businesses can use to optimize their videos for search engines.

Here are a few more tips that can help in the Search Engine Optimization of the videos. V17

3. Use these keywords in the title, description and other relevant tags to make your videos more search friendly.

4. Create backlinks for your videos through your website and blogs to direct your customers to your videos. Also, link back to your website by using your website link in the description of your video. Though it will not be counted as a backlink for your website or add link juice, it is a good way to direct your target audience from your videos to the main website.

5. Make sure you create a video sitemap and submit it just like an XML sitemap to your website. It will create an index of all your videos on the website and make it easier for the search bots to crawl and index them.

6. Transcribe your videos. Since the search bots cannot comprehend the contents of your videos, it gives you additional space to include keywords. It will also help you create additional content for your website or blogs.

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