How Do I Get These Videos Online? – Video Marketing FAQs

Once you have identified the topic on which you will be creating videos and developed short, effective scripts to shoot these videos, the next step is to get these videos online.

The best and the most successful way is to create a YouTube channel for you business, upload the videos to your YouTube channel and from there, you can use the embed code to place these videos on your website or blog.

With Gloopt, you can create short, condensed one-minute videos on any topic under the sun!

The reason I suggest YouTube is because all it takes to set up a YouTube channel is a Gmail Account which normally everyone has and is free. Moreover, the format that YouTube uses for videos is viewable across all platforms and operating systems. So whether your customers are viewing your videos on laptops, Macs, iPhones, android phones or other tablets, they would be able to watch your videos.

One thing to note here is not to use Flash to create your videos because Flash does not work with iOS based devices. So you would essentially be preventing a lot of your customers from watching your videos if you use Flash.

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