Do’s and Don’ts of Video Content Marketing! (Part 5)

5. Don’t ignore the essentials like sound and background music. Do invest in a good background score and sounds.

Even though your video might be supported by a strong script and amazing content, there are a few essentials of video content marketing that you should follow and that would add on to its value.

Like a good background score. The background music shouldn’t be too overpowering and yet should complement your content.

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Do check the sounds of your video so that it is loud and clear.

Another thing to add to your video is a strong call-to-action at the end of the video. Be creative. A simple “contact us now” or “buy now” is better than nothing at all but it is a standard CTA that might be overlooked. VideoOnline

Also add the address, contact information and the website address to your video so that your customers know how to get in touch with you.

Do add the share buttons to your video so that if your customers like it they can easily share it with their social networks.

Follow these simple rules of video content marketing and create effective videos that convert well!

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