3 Video Marketing Trends for Solopreneurs That You Should Not Miss Out On

The growth of YouTube as the second most popular search engine after Google has proved that video marketing has become a mainstream marketing tool. This trend is further fueled by the growing popularity of smartphones and development of fast speed internet networks.

And you had better not ignore these trends.

These statistics show that a short, funny, and crisp video can attract users attention and also has the potential to influence purchasing decision of the customers.  Video Marketing Trends for Solopreneurs

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Video marketing is here to stay and as business owners, solopreneurs need to stay on top of the following trends to gain maximum returns on their investments.

  • Short & Simple Rules. Keeping your videos to-the-point and crisp is the key to a successful video marketing campaign. We live in an ADD society where attention spans decrease by the day. Keeping your customers engaged is of paramount importance.
  • Casual Over Formal. Your customers are not interested in watching professionally shot marketing videos with big stars anymore. They prefer real videos with real people. Keep your videos casual and your narrative interesting.
  • Get Creative. Video marketing strategies are not just about your products and services anymore. They can include surveys, games, testimonials from your customers, funny stories … in short, anything to make your videos more engaging and attractive to your customers.

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