2 Video SEO Success Strategies You Probably Never Consider

One of the most intriguing niches in internet marketing has to be search engine optimization or SEO. For a lot of people, search engine optimization is a mystery although it shouldn’t. YouTube or video SEO for instance; most people’s knowledge is limited to keywords and proper descriptions only yet there is some more.

Video SEO Success Strategies
Video SEO Success Strategies

Transcribing videos
Search engines like Google find information through analysis of text, backlinks, keywords, and freshness of content, among other 196 qualities before they return an answer to a search query within a milli-second. One aspect I have seen just a handful of video content marketing sites do is transcribing those videos. Moz does it; why shouldn’t you. It brings way more traffic and worth doing.

Gloopt is a video platform that helps you create short, easily digestible, one minute videos to keep your audience engaged.

Building backlinks
Even when your content marketing videos are embedded on YouTube, it’s always a good idea to build links to it with the proper anchor text. By building backlinks to your YouTube page for example, you also help boost the performance of your videos on YouTube, as well as anchor text power to your domain. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.
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