How Video Captures the Expert’s Knowledge, Insights, and ‘Know How’

First, you need to identify who has the knowledge (you) and owns the business and provides the product or service offering as a result. Coming up with this identification of you and your staff who qualifies to be on this list is critical to establish your credentials. Interview yourself or a key staff member. Show yourself or your member on the camera. Ask relevant questions that will interest your audience and is useful to them.

A Video Can Capture Your Knowledge

The content of what you say on camera matters a lot. It is substance. Don’t overly ‘dumb down’ your presentation to the audience. Throw in a few technical terms and then, explain carefully in simple language by rephrasing the term in a sentence or two. Engage the audience by educating and teaching them about their problems or solutions which they hadn’t thought existed or knew nothing about. This innovative or original idea will help establish your position as an authority and expert.

Try an Interview for Storyboard

An effective technique is the interview process. FAQs can be asked and you can answer them in an interview-like review of your knowledge and expertise. This can showcase that you know the answers and can tease out the solutions to the dilemmas and problems of the viewers.

Finish off with an additional insight or a teaser fact that may further interest or engage your audience. This will result into the next step of call to action.

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