Tell Your Vusiness Story With Interactive Videos | Dress Comfortably On The Cruise Ship

This is the dawn of age of storytelling – whether it is entertainment, marketing , branding, communication or any other arena, the aim is to evoke emotions in your target audience by telling a story.

Why not tell the story of your brand or expertise with a video?

Just like Rick Deutsch is telling in the video presented here.

With the help of a series of such short, one minute, branding videos, Rick Deutsch, an expert and co-founder of is delivering valuable information to their clients in a unique, innovative way.

Such a series of short videos is not only helpful in breaking down information but is also helpful in establishing the authority of the speaker in their field.

You can use such videos for your business as well and reach out to your customers in a unique way.

Creating short branding videos are useful for content marketing because they are visceral and make people feel and experience things that cannot be explained through written text.

Gloopt is a video platform that allows businesses to take advantage of the power of short videos.

With Gloopt you can create videos on any topic – from entertainment to marketing and revolutionize education and learning!

Get in touch with us today to know how!

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