Short One Minute Business Videos | Converting Experts Into Thought Leaders- How?

Creating short, to-the-point videos that solve problems for your present and future clients is a powerful key to success in today’s business.

You are invited to take a look at this short, one-minute video presented here.

In this short one minute educational video, Mitchell Levy, an expert on Thought Leadership is discussing how businesses can convert their expert employees into thought leaders by simply giving them avenues and tools to share their views and opinions with their followers.

Not only does Mitchell Levy solves a problem & gives an insight, but they also establishes their reputation as an authority figure in this one-minute short video.

Who has time to watch more, right?

With the attention spans of their target audience reducing with each new social media platform,
businesses need to be constantly on their feat in order to get their message across to their customers.
And what better way than videos to do the trick!

Create and discover the power of condensed, actionable insights in a captivating way via Gloopt’s – one minute videos

Building a library of these kinds of short videos is a great way to distribute relevant information to your customers while also engaging them efficiently and long enough to turn them into potential leads that convert to sales.

Get in touch with Gloopt today to know how you can get started with videos for your business.

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