Short, Innovative Marketing Videos: Content Marketing with A Difference

As was with SEO a couple of years, there are a lot of misconceptions about video marketing as well. A lot of online marketing specialists used to think that simply tweaking a couple of SEO parameters and adding a lot of useless, paid links can get you top rankings on search engines.

Similarly a lot of online marketing specialists think that flooding their video channels with tons of video content is going to get them the attraction that they desire. Well, they are definitely long.

Take a look at the video presented here.

In this short 1-minute video presented here, Kare Anderson, a columnist with Forbes and The Huffington Post, explains to her audience how best to spread their messages across.

It’s a short and a simple video just a minute long but still manages to get the point across. Why will anyone watch longer videos when then can get all they want in just a minute, right?

You can do the same with your business and promote your products and services with such short videos.

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