Creating Innovative Videos for Content Marketing Strategy

Remember the time almost a decade ago, when the online marketing world was booming. Every one thought they could publish online. And they did. But was it effective. Not really. Because publishing online is not just about creating content.

Similarly, video content marketing is not just about creating tons of videos and uploading them to YouTube. You need to have clear goals about your video, a clear content strategy and clear call-to-actions to get your videos to generate leads.

Yet another innovative way to optimize your videos is to use an email gate or a lead-capture form that are usually associated with written content formats. They have worked well with email marketing campaigns and usually leads that tell you they are interested in knowing more about you are the ones that end up making the final purchase.

Creating videos is not that difficult. You don;t even need a lot of fancy equipment.

Take a look at the video presented here.

In this short one minute video, David Motto is trying to reach his customers and is offering advice to budding musicians on learning music and musical instruments.

With just a minute long video, David Motto has managed to reach his customer, deliver a valuable information and has proved himself as an industry leader in his field.

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