7 Steps to a Business Video that Explains What You Do Best

Having the right foundation is key for your explainer video. That involves having a well-written and engaging script. In order to have a persuasive script, you need to prepare by knowing your audience, developing a clear and main message, and a push-pull call-to-action. Here’s how to do it in 7 steps.

  1. Keep a short script.
  2. Put your main message within the first half minute of your video. Your first 10-15 seconds are critical. The first one or two sentences are the hook. So watch what you say. Minimize slack in the beginning and make a dramatic entrance.
  3. Speak to audience directly. Use personal pronouns such as “you” and “your.” Focus on their interests and engage them with information they are seeking and want to know about.
  4. Use the right tone. Find the voice which is conversational, friendly, useful, and informative. Keep it light and use a mental picture of the type of customers you are speaking to and maintain a “dialogue” with your audience.
  5. Tell a story. Your explainer video should present a problem or conflict, bring a solution to the table, and explain how it works. Then, a guide to a call-to-action as in “here’s how” demonstration for what the consumer should do next.
  6. Use humor appropriately. Funniness and fun are effective story-telling techniques. But be sure to use it wisely.
  7. Pace yourself. Speak carefully and slowly, between 125-150 words per minute.Download Gloopt here!

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