Why Videos Can not Only Generate Leads but Result in Conversion Success

Why video? People love looking at pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Videos which include moving imagery and audio could be double, triple, or even more at an accelerated rate. Video, with its entertainment factor, offers a huge sales potential. Why does video marketing show huge potential in successfully converting users to customers? Here’s how.

  • Transparency = Trust. If you speak to your audience in an honest, conversational voice about your product and company, you will engage them into a trusting or believing viewer.
  • Pscyhology: the human effect. If people see what you look like and hear your voice, that provides the human touch. People are more touched when they see a person behind the words and even more so when they hear your spoken words.
  • Bounce rate is reduced. A short video will more likely keep attention rather than a long article on your website. People would rather watch and listen and be viewers than be readers.
  • Storytelling: tell your mission and vision. How are you different and unique from the rest? Show your difference and why you are better at helping the consumer than your competition.
  • Share the Success Formula. Identify the problem, provide the solution, and explain how your product or service fills the need of the consumers. Explain how it works.
  • Call to Action. Be sure to provide an easy CTA button and words of encouragement or persuasion.Download Gloopt here!

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