3 Tips to Optimize Your Video Content for Online Marketing Strategy

Optimizing videos for your content marketing strategy can be as tricky as other forms of content. Simply creating them and uploading them online and then praying for it go viral is not going to cut it.

Apart from creating a content strategy aligned with your overall marketing strategy and then creating short explainer videos based on that strategy, you also need to optimize your video content for it be searchable over the search engines.

The three things you need to take care of while optimizing your video content are

  • Add right keywords and descriptions for your video so that people can search for your video using those keywords. You can use Google Adwords Planner to do some initial research on the keywords that describe your business and use them while describing your video.
  • Transcribe your videos in the form of blog post so that search engines can relate to the text and more people can find your video.
  • Use social media to spread news about your video as much as possible and to attract as many customers as possible.

Take a look at the video presented here.

In this short, one minute educational video, David Motto is trying to reach his customers and is offering advice to budding musicians on learning music and musical instruments.

You can reach your customers too with such short innovative videos.

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