Making Complicated Concepts Easy with Interactive Videos | ObamaCare- What Are Subsidies?

Have you ever considered creating a 1-minute business video that describes something you do best?

Take a look at this one-minute video about Obamacare.

In this short, one minute video Zain Jeewanjee, CEO of Upmatic is explaining the subsidies that the government gives when purchasing Obamacare.

Obamacare is available through the government directly or the third party exchanges and depending on the income levels of the applicant offers subsidies to the applicants on buying insurance.

With the help of a short, one minute video Zain has been able to brand themselves as an expert in our busy world.

As a business owner, you are considered as an expert in your field by your clients and future business leads. And to strengthen your reputation further, the best thing you can do is to offer them valuable information in the simplest possible manner with the help of such short, one minute videos

Gloopt is a video platform that helps you create short, easily digestible, one minute videos to keep your audience engaged

Short, crisp, less than a minute videos are not that hard to create, offer relevant information to your customers and at the same time are able to pique their curiosity enough to convert them into potential sales.

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