How to Use the Viewer’s Curiosity in a Video for Marketing and Selling

It is important to note that video campaigning is not about just one video, but a series of videos. In this case, generating curiosity and interest is key to gaining an audience and building a customer base.

Gain Viewer Trust with Your Introduction

In order to attract viewers and gain audience, you must, in your video, gain their trust initially with an introduction. It should be within seconds of the beginning. It must be quick and effective. You should pique or spark the viewer’s interests and thus, engage their curiosity.

The most effective way is addressing something which is pertinent or relevant to the viewer’s interest. It may be a solution to the problem they are having. It may be information which will benefit them and give them an advantage. It may be help that a product or service you provide that will assist them to get ahead.

Whatever the issue is, addressing the viewers and their interests and what goes on in their personal lives will generate curiosity. This will gain trust, too, since you are directly relating to what is important to the viewer.

Generate Further Curiosity

Next step is to tease the rest of the video with relevant and pertinent information. Facts, how-tos, steps, and information about what is relevant to the viewers’ areas of interest can further generate curiosity.

This level of engagement and curiosity will create a “fan base.” That fan base is your targeted audience and market, and potential customer base. It shows your video campaign has been successful by has sparking curiosity.

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