Benefits of Short One Minute Marketing Videos

In less that one minute, learn something from this business expert and an industry leader about success and how to be successful.

With Gloopt, you can create short, condensed one-minute videos on any topic under the sun!

In this short one minute marketing video Guy Kawasaki, an author, publisher and an entrepreneur discusses the three pillar to follow for success. He explains that three components of being successful are a) Likeability, b) trustworthiness and c) competence.

To be able to sum up the gist of such an important information in less than a minute is what makes Guy Kawasaki a thought leader in his field.

And delivering his expertise via such innovative short videos is sure to keep their audience engaged enough to convert into potential leads and sales.

You can do the same with your expertise.

What do you want to say to your customers, clients and future clients? Got FAQs? Launched a new product/service?

Reach your target audience and deliver them valuable information in 1-minute short videos that go deeper than the printed word.

Emotions, gestures, inflection = power.

Reach out to Gloopt today to find out how you can engage your customers and offer them the information they want with innovative, short, one-minute videos!

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