What Have Been the Effects of Telling the Truth in Your Life? – Create a One Minute Video

As kids most of us were taught to always tell the truth. It usually turned out better when we did. It can still be a temptation to leave out information when we know telling the truth will probably hurt us – at least initially.

On the other hand, it sometimes leads to good things in spite of our gloomy expectations.

When Did You Get Rewarded for Telling the Truth?

What experiences have you had where telling the truth led to great things? Share it to inspire others. If it was when your were young, you inspire young people. If it was after you reached adult status, it is a good reminder for the rest of us – and for kids.

What were your emotions before and after. What was your thinking? How did they interact?

When Did You Get Rewarded for Telling the Truth?

Was it ever a major turning point? Was it honesty to others or to yourself? Those have very different characteristics. They also have very different ways of manifesting themselves in both thinking and behavior.

Often being true to yourself is the most basic – and transforming – lesson.

Use Gloopt to create your one minute video. It is by far the easiest method. Just download the Gloopt App from Apple onto your iPhone or iPad and set up is easy.

The easy to use Gloopt tools let you create a script with teleprompter if needed, or you can talk on an impromptu basis.

Adding titles for the bottom of your video identifies your title and/or name, position, etc. Gloopt has an easy tool for that purpose. It also has background music already formatted to be added with just a couple of clicks.

You can add your website or other contact info towards the end if desired. Your video will be finished faster than you expect. Gloopt did the work for you.

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