How To Optimize Your Video Content for Inbound Marketing

In one of my earlier posts, I discussed you can optimize your video content to create effective short videos for content marketing.

Continuing on the topic, once you have identified the goal with which you want to create the video, the next step is to design the landing pages, call-to-actions and the steps in your sales funnel to guide them through making the final purchase.

As part of your Call-To-Action, your video should have annotations pointing to different resources or a direct prompt within the video itself or some links at the end of the videos pointing to an action you want your target audience to take.

You need to make sure your videos have a clear, crisp and direct message prompting your audience to take an action.

Like the video presented here.

In this short one minute educational video, David Motto, an expert on learning music is handing out tips to his customers and budding musicians on how to learn music and musical instruments.

Building a library of these kinds of short videos is a great way to distribute relevant information to your customers while also engaging them efficiently and long enough to turn them into potential leads that convert to sales.

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