Why Video Should Be A Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy This Year

We have been covering a lot of ground on the acceptable norms and etiquette aboard a cruise ship. But it seems as if each question answered creates another question.

Most of the first timers would have a lot of questions and would appreciate an expert who could answer all the relevant questions in simple yet effective way.

In less that one minute, learn something from this business expert about getting speaking assignments aboard cruise liners and what to expect during the journey on a ship.

In this short, one minute branding video, Rick Deutsch, an expert and co-founder of speakoncruises.com, is explaining to his customers how they can get local bus tours during their journey aboard a cruise.

With the help of a series of such short videos, Rick has not only managed to deliver valuable information to their customers but has also established their expertise in this field.

You can do the same with your expertise.

What do you want to say to your customers, clients and future clients?

Got FAQs? Answer them in 1-minute short marketing videos that go deeper than the printed word. Emotions, gestures, inflection = power.

With Gloopt, you can create short, condensed one-minute videos on any topic under the sun!

Reach out to Gloopt today to find out how you can engage your customers and offer them the information they want with innovative, short, one-minute videos!

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