The Importance of Video when Building your Personal Brand

Why is video so important nowadays when attempting to build your personal brand?

We hear all the time about the importance of video as a marketing tool.  This has been proven true by the dramatic increase in videos being watched on a daily basis.  According to YouTube statistics, there are 4 billion videos watched per day.

But with this high increase in video watching, there is also a drastic decrease in the attention we give to each video.  We are so bombarded by content every day that it is easy for your video to become swallowed up by the other billions of videos.

How to make your video stand out

In order to make an impact on your viewers, show your true personality!  Video is a way to engage with your audience when you aren’t physically there, so you have to make an impression.  In our last blog post we mentioned it takes between 6-10 seconds for a viewer to decide whether or not they will continue watching the video.

This means you have between 6 and 10 seconds to create a connection with your audience.  If you create this emotional connection, you will build trust with your viewers.  Trust can lead to higher engagement or better yet, lead to sales.

Using video is an effective way to communicate your core values and message with viewers.  The manner in which you present yourself and your values through video is how viewers will remember you.  This is particularly important if you are trying to reach a new audience.

After you create your video, the last step is to promote it.  If you have great content, don’t be shy to share it!

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