Social Media Brand Building: Short Videos Effectively Build Online Audiences with Social Content Strategy

You can build your own online audience with Gloopt’s one minute video. If you can teach, entertain, give information and knowledge, or show how-tos, you will be able to build an audience and “fan” base.

Optimize Your Social Content Strategy

The key is to optimize your social content strategy. This will enable you to create interesting content that connects your business with the viewers’, consumers’, and customers’ interests. You can engage the audience and target market with topics and subjects that are socially relevant to online audiences’ interests.

Provide Content Your Audience is Looking For

The second key is to provide your target audiences with the content they want. Remember who your customers are and remember how your product or service fills that need or want, and create the niche by addressing their desires.

To do this, involves getting to understand more of your target market and your audience and what topics and themes appeal to them. Know their interests and preferences. You can address it in brief scripts that give quick information or facts about their topics of interests.

You teach your target audience and they become your target market by paying attention to your Gloopt video. When this occurs, then persuasion becomes selling. The sales process occurs with the audience being entertained, informed, taught, or given advice and tips of some knowledge.

Your viewers may prefer content with a more visual appeal, with thoughts clearly explained by graphics, pictures and videos. It depends on your audiences – so give them what they want. If you are not sure, make one each way and see which one gets more views.

These types of content can be funny, educational, controversial, and visual – practically anything under the sun. The target audience determines what you’re going to do to create a video. Simple, easy, convenient, and fun—the Gloopt’s one minute video solution to creating audience base for marketing.

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