Build Credibility as a Thought Leader with Concise Videos

One Minute Hero Video
One Minute Hero Video

Videos are a powerful form of marketing, not only to engage your audience but also to build credibility. Here are 3 ways in which a thought leader can build credibility with a one minute Gloopt video.

3 Tips to Build Credibility:

1. Visibility – A one minute video allows you to deliver a concise, thoughtful message.

Publishing a video through Gloopt gives you the capability to share information with your own audience as well as with the existing Gloopt audience.

2. Opportunity to interact with audience – Customers are much more likely to interact with you or your brand if your information is published in a video.

Engage your audience by delivering a personal message in a concise manner.

Readers are much more likely to watch a full video if it is only one minute long, particularly if that video is of high quality, such as a Gloopt video is.

3. Shareability – If you think you have valuable information to give, share it!

Videos are often overlooked as a marketing tool because they are costly and difficult to make.

1 Minute Videos are the Solution

However, Gloopt solves that problem by giving you the tools you need to create a high quality video to share information with those in your field.

Concise videos with a powerful message will set you apart from others and establish you as a thought leader in your particular field of expertise.

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