5 Ways to Write a Script to Build Your Company’s Reputation, Trust, and Loyalty with Customers

Coming up with a script isn’t anything new. All the conventional wisdoms of marketing 101 come into play. When you create the content for your video script even if it is for a short video there are some key points to remember.

  1. Treat your customers right. Be genuine in your interaction. Use words that will instill trust. Use honest information and facts. Share experiences whether they’re your own or other customers’ that are relevant to the viewers’ experiences. Don’t be afraid to name or identify yourself in the process.
  2. Don’t come on too strong. Be subtle in your messaging. Cue your viewers into what to expect from your video content. Use your talk to talk and help them through the process of understanding a solution, how a product works, or how your business can improve their lives, but use suggestions, and recommendations. Be persuasive, not commanding.
  3. Do your homework and always listen. Find out what your customers are saying. Address this in your videos. Talk about the problems your customers have and use some of the language they use. They will feel you understand them better.
  4. Treat customers like they are valued partners. Use feedback seriously and try doing a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) interview.
  5. Build trust. Show sensitivity to customers’ needs and wants. Talk about the good and bad of what is out there in the market. Use intelligent discussion and show transparency. Be honest about yourself. Transparency engages the audience and builds their trust.Download Gloopt here!

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