Keep Retention with a One Minute Video

Many customers ask us, “Why a one minute video? Doesn’t that limit the content we can provide?”

Here at Gloopt, we do not see one minute as a limitation, we see it as a way to deliver a concise message that will capture your audience’s attention.

According to studies by Wistia, the longer a video is, the higher the viewer loss is.

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Why One Minute?

Ever heard the phrase “give me a minute”?

Sixty seconds is a brief time span people commonly use because it doesn’t take much time away from our busy schedules.  The phrase “give me a minute” is used so frequently because we have enough time in one day to give up one minute.  We are more likely to wait for someone if they are running one minute late versus five minutes late, or wait in line for one minute versus five minutes.

Similarly, we are more likely to watch a video if it is one minute long than if it is five minutes long.

A viewer decides in 6-10 seconds whether or not they will watch the entire length of a video.  If your video is only 60 seconds long, your viewer could already be 1/6 through your video, and they will most likely continue watching it.

It may take some practice to get used to the one minute timespan, however we believe this is the best method to keep viewer retention.

Test out the power of the one-minute video today!

Download Gloopt here!
Download Gloopt here!

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