Why Do Viewers Prefer Videos that are One Minute or Less?

Shorter videos require less attention and less focus. The attention span of the modern viewer and visitor is getting shorter with increasing technology and available content. It is possible to lose the viewer within seconds – within 5-10 seconds of the beginning of the video.

Shorter Videos for Greater Impact

Brief and concise messaging and content make greater impact. You are forced and required to get your message across succinctly, to the point, and with as much effective words and style you can. This combination drives a highly effective visual and audio media which can drive a highly effective video.

Television Commercials as Examples

Most TV commercials are 30 seconds or less, so the critical question is why should online videos be longer like 2-3 minutes or more?

Keeping Things Simple

Keeping your video short means keeping things simple and simpler. Basic content and pared down messaging means you are offering a cleaner presentation of what you mean to say to your audience. You viewer is more likely to pay attention and allow the message to sink if it’s done with simplicity and ease for the viewership.

Short, one minute videos offer a balance of enough time to get your message through and short enough to keep your audience’s attention.

Be sure to keep your message energized and make all your points across. If you feel like that one minute isn’t long enough for your content, you have the option of creating a “series” of videos with sectioned content with Part 1, Part 2, Part 3…etc.Download Gloopt here!

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