How to Test if Your Video Shows Potential for Effective Viewing

Test Autoplay vs. Manual Start

Be sure to test autoplay vs. press play. Guidelines advise to not use autoplay. It is an interruption technique that irritates your viewers rather than being effective. However, it can also increase conversions. A key decision is to measure the impact it has on conversion and how it affects your brand impression.

Add a Call To Action

Always add a CTA to the video. It can be permanently visible, shown at a strategic time, or at the end of your video. The CTA is the most critical way of conversion rate.

Keep Your Video Short For Maximum Impact

Try a one minute video or slight shorter version. Some product offerings may need longer than others and others may need shorter versions. Different lengths of just 5 to 15 seconds apart can change the impact of your video on the viewer. Your video should be no longer than a minute.

Directional Cues

Directional cues to help point your visitors at your landing pages can influence the conversion goals. This can be a physical cue such as pointing or verbal cue and direction.

Write A Script

Be sure to always write a script. It will help make your video flow more smoothly. Remember, the script is half the content. Don’t forget the manner of your speech/conversation is going to have audio impact as well as pitch to the viewer.

Demonstration Video Strategies

In demos that don’t show you talking, record the screencast first and then, the overlay audio later. It is important to properly edit your video.

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