Video Evokes Emotion and Makes Entertainment, Marketing, Branding and Conversion through Storytelling

Use your video campaigns for engagement with the audience. This means to tell a story whether it’s about your company, your product or service offering, or simply to talk about the problems the users have and how you can address their needs. Talk about your customers. Talk about how you can improve their lives.

Engage Them with Entertainment and Impressions

Be relevant with users by targeting them based on location, geography, socio-economic demographics, etc. Be sure your video plays to please the viewer. Your “conversation” with the viewer must set them in the right mood with persuasive talk. Use it to move them into action and give them the right impression to trust you and take cues from you to a call-to-action.

CTA is a Chance for Conversion

Make your CTA (Call-To-Action) unique and special. Give more, by giving more information they need to make the “right” decision. The right decision is to buy from you. Give them more reasons why they should trust you and your product or service offering. Give them other customers’ experiences or words they use to describe you. Integrate other sharing done on social media to help them come to this conclusion.

Use Video to Target Your Audience Across Social Media and Channels

Storytelling through a short video is easy to share and combine in multiple channels. Driving traffic to your site becomes easier once one video is released. By completing the next video and next one, in a series of efforts in a uniting theme your traffic increases. This series of videos combines unique storytelling that has the function of consistent and persistent messaging to drive traffic through multiple channels and diverse social media.Download Gloopt here!

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