Should My One Minute Video Address a Broad Audience in It’s Marketing Message?

This all depends on your video campaign. Who is your customer? Who are your prospects and consumers? Based on these questions, you should have assessed whether your target market has a narrow or broad target audience.

Start with Your Known Audiences

There is no right answer to these questions. And at this stage in your campaign, you may not have the answer to how broad of an audience you should address. Simply understand that previously there was disconnect for branding between consumers and the marketing channels. This was due to poor communication between social media as the tool at the brand level and an incorrect understanding of who the customer actually was.

Make a Connection

Messages in video form are more than just a call to action. There is a reason that the CTA is only “part” of the video marketing. Selling even in video format is more than instructing the viewer what to do. Rather, it also has the ability to form relationships between the brand and the consumer/viewer. This is done through the storytelling and informing the viewer.

  • Give help
  • Give tips
  • Give information
  • Give knowledge
  • Give solutions

These create that audience base who will follow you through your campaign. So, the kind of campaign you produce and the message you give off will lead you to decide whether to address a broad audience or a narrower, targeted audience.

Remember, there are advantages to both. A broad audience needs a broader message so it is more informing. For a narrow, targeted audience, you can create a more relationship-builder message.

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