Shorter Videos Convey More Information | When Do ESPP Stocks Become Taxable?

Creating short videos is the new content marketing tool that most of the internet marketing specialists are using today to connect with their customers and prospects online.

Take an example of the video presented here.

In this short, one minute video Theresa Oatman, CEP, an expert stock administration consultant, is discussing the intricacies of Employee Stock Option plans and answering the question as to when does the company stock purchased through employee stock purchase plan become taxable.

This is a very common problem that not only the employees face but also the HR personnel in any company need to know so that they can answer the questions of the employees regarding the ESPP.

Being able to deliver valuable information to the target audience with the help of a video is what makes video content marketing strategy a success in today’s business environment.

The rationale is simple – sometimes your audience needs to see something before they understand it fully.

They have questions about what you do, how you do it and why you do it and if you tell your story with a video, chances are they are going to pay the attention better than to the text.

Give an “extra footage” to your brand to keep your audience engaged and interested online.

Your audience loves video – consume it, share it and engage with it!

Why not give them what they want?

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