Short Vs Long Length Videos | How To Ask Questions During An Interview?

Have you ever considered creating a 1-minute business video that describes something you do best?

Take a look at this one-minute video about job interviews and how one can excel at those.

In this short, one minute video from Steve Piazzale, a career coach, who is advising his customers on what questions they need to ask while appearing for an interview and how to ask those questions, he is branding themselves as an expert in our busy world.

His customers or followers have questions and he is answering those with the help of this short one minute branding video.

You can do the same with your business. Your clients and future business leads have questions and you have answers. Why not give them those answers in a way that is sure to catch their attention?

Gloopt is a video platform that helps you create short, easily digestible, one minute videos to keep your audience engaged

Short, crisp, less than a minute videos are not that hard to create, offer relevant information to your customers and at the same time are able to pique their curiosity enough to convert them into potential sales.

If you are a career coach looking to reach and engage their customers through short videos, get in touch with Gloopt today!


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