Short, Innovative, to the Point Marketing Videos Can Give Advice to Customers

Start off by telling your story in 3 acts. Follow the basic format of:

  1. Who I am
  2. What I do
  3. How my product, company, or idea is different

Identify Yourself Early

This establishes your identity and why you are important to the market and the trends and growths, basically to the customers out there. With that established. This allows for the next step of stating: Why “you” buy, invest, or support me now.

The 3 Act Story Structure

Your video should resemble the typical story with 3 elements:

  1. The setup. You, the main character and what the audience should expect from you. Basically, why should the user care?
  2. The conflict. What is the problem, including data and examples and supporting reasons. How will your product or service offering or idea make the viewer’s idea better?
  3. The resolution. Bring the solution and provide a better future with your offering and leave reasons for hope. Rally for a clear call to action. Give them a reason to ask what action they need to take.

Follow the 3 Act Flow

  1. Why
  2. How
  3. What
  1. Why is this important?
  2. How am I supposed to deal with it?
  3. What am I supposed to do?

Answer these questions and you will show them the path to a better future. You give them a reason to care, an answer to their problems, and what they need to do get that solution.

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