Series of Short Videos Create Content Marketing to Establish Authority and Expertise in Your Industry

You may not be able to say it all in one short video. People may not be able to listen to everything you have to say in one video. Short videos are good to keep your viewer’s attention span. It should have just enough information to hook your audience and feed off their interest.

What it Means to Persuade Them with a Video

You have to address the questions they have. That means doing your homework and figuring out what their questions are. You are the expert and authority, so this means you must know something about the customers’ problems and needs. Address it in your series. Identify your credentials. Address the problem and needs. And talk about your solution. Show them how it works.

Give Them Reasons Why They Should Believe You and Follow You

Why are you the person to believe and not the others or your competition? Your content should be about how you solved other people’s problems. How did you help them with their needs with your product or service offering? How did you bring solutions to the table with your unique and different ideas? How are you better? You must answer those questions. Be ready to show that you are better than your competition.

Content Marketing is Words After All

Even though this is video and visuals are involved, language is still going to make the bulk of your consumable content. Your words and talk are going to be at the heart of what they listen to and follow through on. Be careful and be smart about the words you choose to say on your video.Download Gloopt here!

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