Picking the Right Video Style for Your Marketing Campaign

After you have defined your purpose and identified your target audience, it’s now time to pick your video style or video type.

Here’s just a few options:

  1. Talking heads
  2. Interview
  3. Presentation
  4. Explainer/Case Study
  5. Montage
  6. On-location/at-event
  7. Product demo
  8. Behind-the-scenes/quick flash documentary

In Your Video, You Will Have to Consider the Tone

  1. Informative or educational
  2. Corporate or creative
  3. Humorous or serious
  4. Traditional or irreverent
  5. Market leader or new entrant
  6. Technical or colloquial
  7. Collaborative or competitive
  8. Formal or informal

Deciding on the Right Video Format

Think about your brand and existing customers. Pick a style that is appropriate for your audience and a tone that “fits” with your customers’ needs and wants. Always remember that your audiences are not random but actually potential customers. So you should address them the way you would talk to a current customer.

Just Be Yourself

It’s easy, you don’t need to act. With your appropriate tone and content, now be who you are. Be sincere and genuine and this will show congruity and direct appeal to the audience. They will get a chance to hear the authentic and genuine words from the business owner which will go a long way to appeal and attract the audience and woo them into being customers.Download Gloopt here!

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